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Perins Pre-School

Preparing for 'Big' School

We have strong links with all our feeder schools and during the summer months we arrange for the Reception Teachers to come and visit the children in the pre-school. This provides a fantastic opportunity for those children going to school to meet and chat with their teacher and show them round our setting. Staff and parents can have an informal chat about school readiness and discuss children’s needs, interests and learning.

Moving on to big school is an exciting time and sometimes can be a little daunting for both parents and children. Therefore we have lots of activities that help further build on children’s confidence, self-esteem and independence. These might include stories about starting school, adapting the home corner into a class room, dressing games, circle time discussions about school visits and sharing experiences.

We also take a group of children to our main feeder school, Sun Hill Infants for a play session which is always very popular, particularly the ride on the school mini bus! Children have the opportunity to explore their classroom, play with the toys and resources and have a drink and snack before returning to pre-school. Parents are always welcome to come along too or meet us there.

Feedback from our Infant schools each year has been extremely positive with all our children settling well into Reception.  Comments included: Children being independent in dressing themselves, going to the toilet and selecting activities to do along with good information about their learning and development. If children are anxious or worried we work closely with parents and the schools to ensure the transition into “big school” is as smooth as possible. In previous years we have even had some of our reception children come back and visit us to let us know how they are getting on!

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