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Perins Pre-School

SEND and Local Offer

Perins Pre-School is committed to the inclusion of all children.

All children have the right to be cared for and educated to develop to their full potential alongside each other through positive experiences, to enable them to share opportunities and experiences and develop and learn from each other. We provide a positive and welcoming environment where children are supported according to their individual needs.

At Perins Pre-School we observe and assess your child while they are in our care; this enables us to identify your child’s individual needs. Any concerns you may have about your child can be discussed with your child’s key person, deputy or manager. Our inclusion co-ordinator (INCO) and special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO) trained staff work in partnership with parents and if necessary they seek guidance with outside services for further support. This can include speech and language therapists, outreach workers, social services and the local children’s centre

When your child starts at Perins Pre-School they will be introduced to a key person who will ensure your child’s development and progress is continually tracked. They will plan activities using next steps that have been agreed between you and the key person.

We are sure we have an effective provision for special educational needs as we have had experience in providing support for children with various needs.

Our focus is to keep your child’s individual interests at the centre of their development. We will plan activities based around their interest and next steps.

If your child has special educational needs their key person and our  SENCO will work together to create an individual education plan. This highlights certain areas of development for particular focus.

We have parents evening at the end of every term. If you feel you need to communicate any particular queries or concerns you can call, email or talk to your child’s key worker anytime throughout the day, you will receive daily feedback at the end of each day. We track your child using guidance from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and using the staffs knowledge and experience.

Your child will have an online learning journal which is used to evidence your child’s development and progress. It will contain detailed observations, photographs, video clips and any information we have received from you at home. You are also able to add observations, news and events that will help build a broader picture of your child’s learning both at home and Pre-school.

We have many policies and procedures in place to ensure your child’s welfare. In addition to this, all staff have regular training on safeguarding children and paediatric first aid.

We aim to follow your child’s needs and routines as closely as possible to ensure continuity between home and Pre-school. Your child’s views are listened to and recorded and used as evidence to further their individual development.

There are opportunities for your child to view their opinions and feelings throughout the day. Support is given to help with emotional needs and outside agencies are always on hand to provide additional support.

We have the support of outside agencies such as the Hampshire Early Years Advisors and Services For young Children.

The Manager/ SENCO attend termly meetings for updates on changes to special educational needs provided by Hampshire. We have access to a number of training courses, recent training has included Makaton, Reducing Barriers and Inclusion, Language Groups and Sensory Play.

All staff have ongoing training including, behaviour management and speech and language.

If your child has any special educational needs their key person and SENCO work together to ensure the best plan is made to provide the opportunities for your child to access all activities in the setting and out and including trips.

Activities may be adapted as to ensure your child’s participation.

The entrance to the pre-school is and has ramps and wide opening doors throughout the setting. 

We have visual time tables for your children to follow, a dedicated sensory room with bubble tube, fibre optics, sound system and equipment that stimulates the senses. We  ensure that we do all we can to support those children with special educational needs.

At Perins Pre-School we follow an induction process of which all new child and their parents/ carers starting at our setting go through.

You will receive a welcome pack; with all the key information which is included on our website.
Settling in visits are very flexible and free of charge. They are arranged over a 2-3 week period prior to your child starting so there is a smooth transition into the pre-school.

More settling in visits can be arranged, if you child finds it hard to separate and settle with us as we are aware that all children are different.

During the induction you will be given a welcome pack with forms for you to fill out. This information about your family, child’s interests and pictures of familiar people in your child’s life, enables staff to talk to your child about people close to them.
Before starting your child is assigned a key person, this key person will ensure a smooth transition into pre school from home and then from pre-school to school.

All our planning is based around your children’s interests; we ensure that any particular toys or activities that are of interest are available from your child’s first day.

For the transition to school, new teacher visits are arranged and your child’s key worker will discuss and go through your child’s learning journal with them.

We observe and assess your child which gives us a clear idea of their individual needs. We then allocate our resources so that your child is included in all activities and can access equipment in all areas of learning.

Your child is observed and their progress tracked. Communication between you and your child’s key person is invaluable. We will then talk with the SENCO  and they will implement an individual education plan. This plan is reviewed every six weeks with the parents. During this process discussions with specialist outside agencies may also take place to provide maximum support.

Parental involvement in a child’s development at nursery is essential and therefore we greatly value parents’ sharing their knowledge about their child’s needs, interests and progress.

All parents have the opportunity to be involved in the setting. We have an open door policy and actively seek your ideas and thoughts through questionnaires, focus groups and social events.

We have end of term parent’s evenings, this is an opportunity for you to go over your child’s next steps and, with discussion with your child’s key worker, will give you a holistic understanding and view of your child, their development and progress.

If you are interested in your child attending Perins Pre-School then please contact us either by phone, email or just by popping in. We will be happy to show you around the pre-school as well as answer any questions you may have.

Once your child starts, they will be assigned a key person who will be available if you wish to discuss anything about your child.

Michelle Osman is our named SENCO;  if you have any concerns regarding your child’s learning and development please contact her directly

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